What's Up With That Name?

RicXeco is a made up name. In the spirit of invention, which is used daily on a small farm, the name was created to be catchy, fun and easy to remember as well as capture internet domain names such as .INFO, .US, .COM and even .CA.

Free Range Eggs

All our eggs come from pasture-raised hens. We start with pastures which are never treated with herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilizers – and regularly rotate them to keep them fresh and healthy. The girls are free to roam and forage as much as they like – we open the coop doors in the morning and they stay out until evening. We make sure to keep them watered, and fed with our carefully formulated organic supplemental feed, but they are also fed with natural produce from our farm.

Vegetables and Herbs

We grow 104 different varieties of veggies and herbs utilizing organic practices. We specialize in heirloom tomatoes. We aim to provide a variety of vegetables as well as an assortment that you would never see in your grocery store.

Special Orders
If you want to procure a special lettuce or vegetable, you may enter into a grow supply contract with RicXeco Farm.

The arrival of the baby chicks. We have added over 175 egg laying chicks this winter. These chicks were born Jan 17, 2017. There are Red Star and Ameracaunas which should give both brown and blue eggs. They should start laying in early June, just in time to provide eggs for our CSA shares, Farmers' Markets and to expand our restaurant contracts.

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